Cape Breton day 2

The day started as all days really should start with home made pancakes with wild blueberries that I didn’t have to make. And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaay!

We started with a short hike at the Bog trail.  It is a flat trail on raised platforms through a mountain top bog.  There were pitcher plants and all sorts of wild flowers.  Yellow Water lilies and purple water Iris were in bloom.  The breeze was nice and there were actually few bugs.  Pitcher plants are so weird but pretty when blooming.  There were fields and fields of them.  Once you start seeing them they are everywhere.  

It was still foggy but we drove up to the Skyline trail. Up and up and up and up and out then to stairs that led to an abys of fog.  The trial was amazing.  It goes along the ridge line and you can see for miles.  It is a 7km or 4 1/3 miles.  It is 950 -1330 feet high elevation.   After walking along a nice trail that has snippets , teaser peeks, really of the big views you see a thousand and one stairs and platforms that look like MC Escher was asked to design them that peter out to the very edge of the mountain top.  One one side a sheer drop to the ocean.  On the other a sheer drop into the valley you drive up to get to the trail head.  You could see the spaghetti road ways with itsy bitsy cars.  We saw glimpses of the ocean but mostly we saw a cloud bank that we could see both above and below it. 
By the time we headed back the sun had come out and it was hot.  We hiked from shady spot to shady spot.  It was a long haul back to the car.  I was glad to have cheese and crackers with a lot of water for lunch.  

We made our way back down the mountain stopping often to take pictures at overlooks.  We saw a moose!   Our first moose sighting in the wild.  Thought we saw a whale, rotten lying rocks in the surf just looked like whales.  I was very disappointed.  Walked along the beach, picked up some rocks.   

We stopped a couple of places along the shore to enjoy the surf.  The waves were just spectacular.  We worked our way back to the in and had dinner, which was again good.  My bacon, mushroom, Mac n cheese wasn’t as good as Miklos has the night before, so that was a bit diss appointing but the desert made up for it.  

I wandered over the grounds taking pictures and watched the sunset over the bay.  Just as the sun was setting I turned around and noticed a full, perfect, blue moon rising over the other side of the cove.  I must have looked funny going from one side of the grounds to the other as both the dun set and the moon rose.   In all a magnificent day.   Cheers!

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