We drove from the ferry over to Cornerbrook. Stopped in at the information center and looked up the 1930 sensus.  We found the address for the house my Dad grew up in and got a map of the town.  It was a bit surreal.  We stopped at the church were they went for years and where my Grandmother and my Greatgrandmother both were intragle to making the First United Church of Cornerbrook cookbook.  I have several additions of this cookbook at the house some with hand written notes and many letters from and to my Grandmother talking about the recipes and ideas for new things to include.  The church was locked up so we couldn’t go in but we walked around outside for a bit.  

We then drove over to the house and took some pictures.  No one was home so we didn’t get to go inside or around back but it was neat to think of my dad running around the neighborhood and seeing trees and houses that have been there since the 30s, knowing it probably looked pretty much the same.  I really had a pretty hard time there.  I wish I could ask him about his life there and what he loved and missed and what it was like, etc.  I took pictures of the papermill that was so pivotal to his, our lives.  My Dad went to school to be a forester like s father.  He went to the University of New Brunswick and then got his masters from the University of Washington.  My Grandfather worked for Bowater in Cornerbrook, then moved out to Victoria British Columbia when my Dad went out to Washington to school.  Bowater sent my Grandfather to Tennessee to scout locations for a new papermill.  He picked the site in Decatur Tn for the Bowater company.  When my Dad finished school he came to TN to see the new plant.  He met my Mother at a Christmas party and decided to take a job at the new mill rather than going back north.  So in a lot of ways I wouldn’t be here without that papermill in Cornerbrook.

We drove up to the Gros Morne park and hiked he Coastal trail.  Fantastic walk next to a trout stream that spills into the ocean.  The coastline is rugged, rocky and beautiful.  The trail runs along a coast filled with sun and salt bleached drift wood lined up along the rocky shoreline and on the other side are wetlands and bog plants and twisted juniper trees.  It was wildly beautiful.  I kept having visions of a massive battle between stone giants and Tree Ents that must have happened so long ago that it has faded from memory.  All that is left are their scattered remains littering the coast and bleaching in the sun.  

We came tot hotel to discover that the hotel is remodeling so No air conditioners in the rooms.  85 degrees here by the way is hot, really hot, Africa hot, ok not really, we just had to wait till the sun went down and open the patio door to cool off the room.  We went down to the hotel restaurant, Oceans Dinning room, for dinner.  I had a fantastic pork chop with maple screech sauce.  Miklos had the Duck confit which was also superb.  Desert was a lemon curd wih gingersnap and toasted meringue layered in a mason jar.  We also had. A fantastic bread pudding with partridge berry sauce.  All in all excellent day.  Cheers!

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