P.E.I. And over Cape Breton and the ferry to Newfoundland

In the morning we got up and out the door stunningly early. Grabbed breakfast as we checked out of the hotel.  Drove into the national park and hiked the Greenwich dunes trail.  It is buggy.  Like douse your spouse in bugs spray and then use a flame thrower to cleanse a path kind of buggy.  Don’t use the bathroom there because you didn’t spray bugs spray there and you can’t pee that fast, kind of buggy.  Until you get out of the trees.  Flee from the trees.  Then it was breezy and beautiful.  Easy walking with views across meadows down to the waters edge.  Loads of wild flowers.  Saw a salamander, titty bitty thing, only about an inch or so long and bright orange.  We saw a very fluffy crow hanging out in the top of a pine tree. We also saw a tiny snake.  (Although we don’t tell Betty that because she hates snakes.). It was cute.  

Then the pah went into the woods.  Bugs, trees, bugs, streams, bugs, fields of deer moss, bugs, bugs and bugs.  But then the trail comes out to this oasis.  A series of boardwalks and floating walkways through this amazing wetlands.  They lead up to the sand dunes and onto a beach that had sand like brown sugar.  The wetlands were just spectacular.  Miklos loved the floating walkways. However after walking on the beach, back through the wetlands we made a mad dash through bug cage match 2015 and then back to the car.  

 It by far was my favorite hing on PEI.  

After the hike came the drive back across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to the ferry in North Sydney.  We had dinner at Flavor on the Water.   We managed to pass up Lickin Chicken, I know, how could we?  Flavor was excellent.  It was right on the bay in Sydney with a beautiful view and a modern vibe.  Miklos got the Rootbeer BBQ Ribs and I got the Aged Cheddar stuffed Chicken breast with Apple slaw we both got the garlic mashed potatoes.   Both were outstanding.  We had lemon cheesecake with a berry reduction and a piece of chocolate tort both were stab your neighbor with a fork if they get to close to your next bite good.  

We got to the ferry terminal about 9ish.  We boarded and had sleeping compartments, which was awesome.  We didn’t leave port till almost midnight.  Tried to sleep, failed miserably until about twenty minutes before announced wake up happened. Got to Newfoundland at about 6:30am local time.  Which is about half an hour off of everywhere else.

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