Boat ride, Drive around and Cow head…

We started this morning off going to Western Brook Pond.  The hike out to the boat was a 3km, 1.8 miles.  Through bogs and forests.  It was not a hard hike and the area was beautiful.  The morning was foggy and a little drizzly and very, very windy.  The boat tour took us on the Western Brook Pond, crazy I know given the trail name.  The pond is a fresh water fjord created by  glaciers.  The water is so pure that it won’t conduct electricity. It is 19 miles long and  average depth 238 feet – to max depth of 541 feet, the cliffs that surround it on three sides are immense 2200 ft high.   Cool-a?  It was beautiful, if really windy.  It has snow in some of the high spots, waterfalls, rugged cliffs, it is just stunningly beautiful.  

We drove up the coast had lunch at the SS Ethie wreck site.  You can still see parts of her on the shore line.  There is a beautiful view of the coast and stairs down to the beach.  

After lunch we drove up the coast, we were going to Stevie’s walk but saw a spit of land and decided to investigate.  We found our way out to Cows Head and decided to walk out to the lighthouse.  The trail was so cool.  It was walking through trees covered with lichen that were tall enough that they made tunnels.  There were huge boulders that the forest seemed to be sliding off of, and that had moss and water dripping from their edges.  Small caves and glimpses of sweeping coastline.  At one point there was a fork in the trail one side going up some stairs to the lighthouse the other going out to the point.  We decided to go out to the point.  It was the right choice.  

There  are a couple  of things that are special in Newfoundland, one is a bright orange lichen on the rocks and the other is the way the trees grow on the coast into one dense over growth that looks solid from the outside but is hallow inside it is called Tuckamore.  Spruce, Juniper and Fir have stunted growth and nit together into a solid mesh on the outside.  This trial goes through the inside of that hollow space and it is magical. 

A land of the Faye, made of moss and ferns, shadow and green filtered light.  Trees covered in lichen making arches that surround you.  Little brooks run around giant boulders covered in moss.  At one point Miklos found a vista that was up through the trees.  When he poked his head trough the trees he said it was like the sceen in the a Hobbit when Bilbo climbs the tree in Murkwood and sees all the butterflies, but here it was dragonflies.  And a stunning view of bright blue skies and ocean coast.  

The trail ends at the point, which has a rock formation that looks like a Cows head, ok, I didn’t see it.  What I did see were some amazing rock formations.  Tidal pools and the bright orange lichen.  It was wonderful.

We had dinner at the hotel.  Miklos and I both had wonderful steak, locally raised angus beef.  Yum!


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