Table lands in Gros Morne Newfoundland

We got an early start to the day and made it to the Table lands trail head before anyone else.  It was still cool to and the hike was very spiffy.  Easy terrain, not a lot of ups and downs.  The fascinating thing about the Table lands is the landscape.  It’s like looking at Mars.  It is the same temp as everywhere else, the same rainfall, nothing different in any way, but the mountain and surrounding areas look like desert land, everywhere else is lush and green, this place is red dirt, boulders, and mountains with permanent ice sheets at their tops.   Why?

Interestingly enough it’s because it is a rare geologic formation, it is one of the few places in the world above the ocean where the Earth’s mantel has broken through the Earth’s crust and hardened into peridotite.  It is so different from everything around it.  There are apparently also fossil beds off the trail closer to the mountains themselves.  Seeing plants we associate with bogs, pitcher plants and sun dews, etc.  growing in what looks like a desert is just plain weird.  There were beautiful streams running off the mountains and across the valley.  

We made it back to the car just as a bus load of people showed up.  Yay early morning hike…. Wait I just said that there must be something wrong with me.  

We drove around a bit and found ourselves at Trout River.  A very nice town, with a lovely bay and boardwalk.  We went into the interpretive center and read up on the local history and looked at neat antique fishing equipment,  sleds, read the story behind a wedding dress on display with the sled, you have to go there if you want the story,  saw pictures of great catches including a lobster half red half black.  It was just charming.  We ate lunch next to the river for which the town is named.  Beautiful spot.  

We then drove up to the Bonne bay visitors center.  It has a wonderful panoramic view of the bay.  It also has art exhibits that change out periodically.  This time there were felt and weaving artists work on display.  It made me think of my friend Gellis, she would have loved it.  There were felted boulders… Yes you did read that right boulder sized sculptures made of felt. O.o   Some of the work was just stunning.  The video of the woman using her breath to activate the loom was interesting, I’m not sure she needed to be naked but hey, whatever warps your loom.   There was also a display that had a display naming the rock types that are found out at the Table lands, so I now know that the rock that felt like it was a reptile skin is actually named Serpentinite.  Cool-a?

We had dinner at the pub in the hotel and had excellent pub style fish and chips.  

Miklos and I then drove up the coast stopping at various pull off spots, saw several private harbors with small fishing lodges.   Trout streams and views across bogs and wetland to giant cliffs.  We drove up to Saint Puls then drove back as the sun started to sink in the sky.  We went to the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse.  It was a sweet little light but we were too late for the tour and did wear our hiking shoes for the trail so we went back to Rocky Harbour to see the sun set.

While watching the sun slowly coming in and out of cloud banks we noticed that the people were walking along the shore line. Seems pretty natural.  Well this is a rocky shore.  Full of round, flat, smooth stones…. Ok who wouldn’t pick one up and start skipping them?  One Dad would start, then his kids would go oooo neat teach me, then another Dad would start and older Dads and young boys would all be there skipping stones.  The Moms and girls would try it a couple of time if they got it they were like cool, some would stay and skip stones then go what’s next, if hey didn’t they would throw a few more stones and go next, usually looking for sea glass or other interesting stuff.  The guys once started would happily be there till they left.  After noticing this Miklos and I watched, scored a few of the more ambitious throwers, then after a few minutes of quite Miklos looks at me and says, “Can we go down to walk on the beach?” I look at him, ” you want to skip rocks don’t you?” “Yes!” He says looking all abashed. It was so cute!  Of course we did.  I got to collect lots more cool rocks and he got to skip stones. It was a great evening.  


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