Me…Me…Meeeeee… ok Us really

Ok the title is a reference to an episode of a British Comedy called Coupling look up Captain Subtext.  This is a blog for me… Liz and my sweetie… Miklos.  We tend to be geeky.  We tend to enjoy really odd humor. We also have 4 cats, who all plot to rule the world or at least that sunbeam over there. We play in the SCA (a medieval recreation group.) I collect hobbies, Miki enjoys playing computer games. We tend to be pretty quiet until you get to know us…. of course by then it’s too late. 😉

Published on August 11, 2008 at 7:55 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Okay so you are referring to Miklos as Miki? I was confused, I thought you meant Miki as Roz.

    Welcome to wordpress Blog-land. Mwahahahahahahaha

  2. Yes Miki is a nickname for Miklos Although we tend to pronounce it Me-key instead of Mick-ee. It all that Hungarian stuff he’s into. 😉 Yes the blogging bug has hit. I blame you, since I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, it put the idea in my head to start one too.

  3. as I said before



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